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My name is Yinghao and I like air sickness bags. I am proud to be the sole airline sickness bag collector in Singapore. Check out's bag collections ranking to see how I stand against the rest of the world!

8 years ago, I was on a Royal Nepal Airlines airplane to Nepal to work on a community improvement project. With too much time at hand on the flight, I stumbled upon what was going to be the first barf bag of my amazing collection. My brother collects stamps and I wanted to collect something no one else would even attempt. With much glee, I assumed that no one else would be so cheeky to collect something like this.

I was wrong. Through the internet, I realise that there are many other like-minded sickness bag collectors. I want to be more organized and active in this hobby and thus the creation of this website to share my collection with fellow netizens. Through this website, it is also my intention to make it easier for myself to exhibit my bags and to facilitate swaps with fellow baggists around the world.

With the creation and launch of this website, I am pleased to have completed my new year resolution for year 2009.

PS. If you stay in Singapore and you happen to also collect airsickness bags, please get in touch with me. We have plenty to discuss about!

1 November 2009